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 SC-A Backing
 SC-B Backing
 SC-C Backing
 Special welding steel liner
 No Class Name
 No Class Name
 No Class Name
 No Class Name
 Stud welding ceramic ring
 Ceramic welding nozzle
 Plasma cutting shield
 Separation of carbon dioxide gas-welding
 Address:Qianluo industry park,Yixing,Jiangsu Province,China
 Yixing Sheng Chen Refractory Products Co., Ltd.
  Yixing Shenchen Refactory CO.LTD specialized in production and Research of welding ceramic products. Our welding backing, marked as (SC), is widely used in ship- building, Bridge, boiler, presure vessels, steel construction, Auto Parts etc. Our produtcs are made of Mixed grain of various high-temperature-resistance ceramic materials by compression moulding, and sintered in the 40M of High-temperature tunnel kiln. And they are high flam resistant, good stability, not distortion, high of mecha..  [Details]
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